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What to Expect?

The biggest reason people tend to shy away from unfinished wood is the MESS!  Our equipment has come along way in the past 10 years and the mess is not nearly what it use to be.  The machines catch 90% of the dust.  Older floors tend to make a little more dust but for the results you get by having real unfinished wood, most people would not have anything less.  We are very seldom in a home for more than a week.  The color of your floor determines how long the job will take.  Darker stained floors have a lot more pre time so they tend to take 1 to 2 extra days.  During the sanding and finishing of a natural floor, there will be 2 days in which no traffic can be on the floor.  Stained floors take an extra day because most stains need to dry overnight. 

We normally sand, stain and finish most homes in 2-3 days depending on the weather.