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Why Wood?

Many Americans are also choosing wood flooring for investment purposes. A survey of real estate agents estimated that wood flooring could add $7,000 - $10,000 worth of value to a home. Ninety percent of the agents believed a home with wood floors would sell more quickly and for a higher price than a comparable home with any other type of flooring. According to Old House Journal, “there is little wonder why the phrase ‘hardwood floors’ is such a magnet in the real estate market.” In today’s world, the savvy consumer is concerned with the growing trend in “green” building as well as energy efficiency. Wood flooring stands up to both of these demands. Wood, a natural insulator, is 16 times more efficient as an insulator than concrete, 415 times as efficient as steel and 2,000 times as efficient as aluminum. It is a sustainable, renewable resource that can be supplied indefinitely.